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Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps represent a simple cost-effective hot water and heating solution for new build, retrofit, domestic or commercial property. Ideal for radiators and underfloor heating, air source heat pumps can provide all hot water and central heating requirements throughout the year.

Daikin is a market leader in air source heat pump technology and the chosen brand used by IBD in their bespoke renewable packages. Moving heat energy from one place to another, air source heat pumps harvest ‘low grade heat’ from the air and convert it into useful ‘high grade heat’ for use within a building. This conversion is performed by a highly energy efficient compressor‐ driven refrigeration cycle with the pumps producing significantly more energy in heat than they consume in electricity. Coefficient of Performance (COP) measures their efficiency and seasonally is typically around 3.5.

 Air source heat pumps are fitted outside, usually near an external wall and can be floor or wall mounted. They are simple to install as no ground works are required. 

Air Source

Heat Pumps