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Gas Boiler Backup

A combination of traditional fossil fuel boilers and heat pumps in a single bivalent system can be very efficient. The heat pump provides the heating for the home for the majority of the year and then the boiler takes over in cold weather. The heat pump is sized to support the property to a calculated heat requirement with the oil or gas boiler then taking over, so that a larger heat pump is not needed. The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is an ideal solution for this type of installation.

This set up is particularly efficient is when a property needs more heat than a single phase heat pump can supply. The exiting boiler can then be used to support the heat pump beyond its range. It can also be more economical to put in a smaller heat pump and run the existing boiler for small percentages of the year. In this set up the two heat sources would feed into a single buffer to provide parallel, bivalent heating.

Bivalent Systems for Gas Boiler Backup