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The RM Stelflow has been carefully constructed using quality components and designed with performance in mind. Using our many years of experience within the hot water industry and our knowledge of bringing Unvented cylinders to the market we have created a new standard in Unvented water storage. 

​Stelflow Offers The Following Advantages:

  • Specially made units manufactured to your own design.
  • Full range of slim units available, 60L to 210L, featuring a diameter of only 475mm, one of the slimmest on the market.
  • A range of Horizontal cased units.
  • Coil in coil heat exchanger, giving high recovery rates.
  • External expansion for reliability and flexible siting.
  • Full WRAS product approval.
  • Vessel constructed from Duplex Stainless Steel.
  • Superior insulation values, with an ODP of 0 and GWP of 1.
  • Comprehensive controls and fixing kit from leading manufacturers.

Stelflow offers peace of mind with the following guarantees:

  • 25 Year vessel guarantee / 5 Years on large unvented units.
  • Integral stainless steel stat pocket guaranteed against corrosion.
  • All other cylinder components guaranteed for 2 years.
  • All units are pickled to ensure longer life. Stelflow offers many technical benefits:
  • Minimum recommended working pressure 1 bar & max 3 bar.
  • All cylinder connections are 22mm compression
  • Minimum water supply 1.5 Bar, 20 Litres/Min
  • Primary coil circuit must be fully pumped, gravity coils are available by special order.
  • All units available as vented cylinders.
  • Control settings: 1. Pressure reducing valve set at 3 Bar. 2. Expansion Relief Valve set at 6 Bar. 3. Temperature and pressure relief valve at 7 bar and 90o C. 4. Hight Limit stat set at 85o C.
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