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As a plumbing merchants, we supply a wide range of plumbing & drainage. This range includes copper fittings such as  compression, end feed and solder ring as well as our plastic plumbing components which provide durable simple to use installations including push fit, compression, Polypipe and flexible fittings. All are available in individual quantities so you can purchase one fitting to a thousand all at great rates. 

Plumbing & Drainage 


For hot and cold water supplies and heating, copper is now the most common form of pipework in houses.

Copper gives you versatility, performance and confidence. Moreover, Copper tubes & fittings can be used in everyday part of domestic, commercial and industrial pipework services, including gas, hot and cold water as well as central heating.

There are a number of different ways in which you can join copper tube; capillary soldering, compression fittings, push fit fittings and press jointing. Whichever fitting type you choose, you know we will have a joint you can rely on. 

For a range of drainage products  designed to equip trade professionals with the tools to complete any project, our drainage parts are available in a range of sizes, all chosen for their quality and reliability.

YPS sell the perfect selection of drain couplings, piping and adaptors for your latest plumbing installation.

YPS Plumbing - Polypipe

To stay in step with the changing demands of the industry, our innovative range of plastic plumbing systems continues to evolve to satisfy every project specification and budget.

We now offer four different plumbing systems, each designed to allow you to specify the right solution for the job – in push and press fit solutions in 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm.

 Countless benefits for installers
Though each range is specially designed for specific plumbing applications, they all share one thing – with no specialist welding or soldering skills needed, safe, near-instant jointing is made easy.

Plus, there’s no mess, no costly consumables and less chance of theft as no copper is used in their manufacture.