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  • IBD provides support for you (our customers) from the start of any project all the way through to installation.

  • For non-certified installers without MCS accreditation, IBD sign-offs allow them to take advantage of the RHI and MCS schemes. The company has Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) installer certification (Approval COR 183).

  • IBD provides fast turnaround, fully detailed quotations for any renewables project, integrating all technology for the most energy efficient solution.

  • Full details of the proposed heating & ventilation solution including all product performance and specification data, schematics, engineering/architectural drawings, heat loss calculations and comprehensive installation instructions are provided.

  • Following installation, IBD commissions and signs off the system to comply with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme for Renewable Heat Incentive financial advantages. 

  • After sales service covering product warranties, technical support for the installer and end user is provided.

  • Site visits and telephone support are available throughout the process, together with any product training needed.

  • All questions relating to the RHI and MCS schemes can be answered.

  • IBD uses AutoCad work stations, wide format printers and the latest software packages to create customised renewable system designs.

  • IBD is a member of the Renewable Energy Association and complies with the REAL Assurance Scheme consumer code. The company also carries endorsements by Corgi for Heating, Ventilation and Electrical installation work and is BPEC approved for Solar Thermal and Heat Recovery Ventilation system design and installation.

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​​​Renewable Services 

The partnership with IBD offers all YPS/Bradfords customers a hassle free service, benefiting both the installer and client. IBD will provide the quote, and the order goes through your YPS/Bradfords account. The below list the services which IBD provide to you…