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(Plumbers/Installers/Engineers) listed on the YPS website are local businesses that use YPS supplies and are known to us, although they are not connected with YPS and YPS takes no responsibility or liability for their work.
We recommend that you ask for a quotation, and that you meet the (Plumber/Installer/Engineer) before starting your project to ensure you are happy to deal with them.

You may also want to ask for recommendations of previous work in your local area. Your selected (Plumber/Installer/Engineer) should provide you with a clear written quotation and be able to answer any questions promptly and with courtesy. If the project involves Gas work, don’t forget to ask for their Gas Safe card - Click Here for more information on Gas Safe.

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YPS prides itself as part of the community, with that in mind we like to support our communities and help the awareness of our customers. We hope you find this useful in your search in finding a local plumber.

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