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How YPS supplies are helping to make

Bude sustainable 

We recently built a brand new site on the Stratton Business park in Bude, Cornwall. This purpose built site

includes our general merchant, Tool Hire and YPS Plumbing Supplies businesses. It was important to us that 

this branch was as environmentally friendly as possible, which is why we gave it the "YPS renewables treatment".

On top of making this site more environmentally friendly, our running costs have substantially reduced.

See below just some solutions we have used to make this new site sustainable...

Biomass Boiler

This biomass boiler heats all the hot water and heating for our site and uses either wood chips,

which are made from wood cuts from our sister company (Crendon Timber Engineering,

or Snows Timber) which gives us free fuel. Alternatively, the biomass boiler can also

use wood pellets.

The UK Government then gives us over £3000pa index linked for 20 years as a

renewable heat incentive for switching to greener technology.

​PV Panels

The PV panels (also called photovoltaics) turn light from the

sun into free electricity. The panels used, provide enough electricity,

meaning there is no need to pay for additional  electricity for our Bude site. 

We will still have enough left over to sell back into the grid and make an

added income of over £730. Moreover, the only

electricity used will be in the hours of darkness, which are

very few which align nicely with our opening hours of 7:30am – 5pm. 


Our aim is to produce zero waste, to achieve this we baler our cardboard and plastics, as well as also selling off our cheap broken plasterboard, wood and hard core. Please ask a member of staff at our Bude branch, for one of these bargains.

Worm Farm

Food waste is placed in a worm farm, which digests’ the food which can then be

used as compost to grow plants.

Planning your own sustainable project?

YPS Plumbing Supplies specialise in all of these renewable alternatives, plus much more. Whether you require an underfloor heating system or a commercial air source pump solution, YPS can design/supply you with a whole renewable package. Please see Click Here to find your nearest branch.​ Alternatively - If you live in the Bude area, why not have a look around our new branch - we would be happy to show you around.

Bude Stratton Business Park, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 8LY
e: yps.bude@ypsl.co.uk
t: 01288 270525